Product Information


Paladin diaper rash cream is a blend of select ingredients to help treat and prevent diaper rash. Our gentle preparation is formulated to moisturize and soothe the baby’s delicate skin keeping it soft.

  • Paladin Diaper Rash Ointment is safe and effective.
  • Used in hospitals and recommended by pediatricians.
  • FDA Inspected Facility.
  • Paladin is fortified with vitamins A&D.
  • Provides a protective barrier against skin irritants.
  • Paladin is used for mild and stubborn cases of diaper rash.
  • Provides immediate relief and often helps treat overnight.
  • Available in .05 oz. and 2 oz. jars at most drug stores and large retail stores
  • Your next prescription for diaper rash, try PALADIN “it really works”.



Paladin provides prompt, soothing relief from diaper rash. It aids in the treatment and forms protective coatings against skin irritants. Use liberally, a thin coating recommended at each diaper change. If rash persists for more than 10 days, consult a physician.



Petrolatum, Starch, Lanolin, Zinc Oxide, Mineral Oil, Boric Acid, Bees Wax, and Vitamin A&D Concentrate.