Paladin Diaper Rash Testimonials

“Through the years, I’ve seen the demand for my father’s PALADIN ointment grow tremendously. What was once developed for area pediatricians has become, by customer demand, a flourishing American business. This diaper rash ointment ” Really Works”. When parents discuss their babies’ needs, Paladin is spoken of as an essential item to always have in the home.”


Cherry Valley, IL

“I am an R.N. in a nursery near the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Many mothers in my baby care classes ask about a good product to help with diaper rash. I always recommend PALADIN. It is an excellent cream for diaper rashes and for other uses too. I’ve never seen anything that clears up that terrible irritation that some babies get regardless of how often the diaper is changed. Thank you very much.”


Carrollton, TX

“Working with small children and infants has become a bit easier for me since we began using Paladin Diaper Rash Ointment in our skilled care unit. I use PALADIN at the first sign of diaper irritation and the response is immediate. PALADIN is now on our list of “must-have” products.”

L.W., R.N.

Peoria, IL

“We have used this product on our own infant and I find it to be the best product on the market. My absolute favorite, however, is PALADIN. It is much easier to apply than the tar-like products and does not have an odor”

Dr. G.

Milwaukee, WI

“Paladin Diaper Rash Ointment has been found by me to be a very effective and cost-efficient means of treating diaper dermatitis in newborns and young children. Talc and diaper rash powders have been shown to increase the risk of bronchitis and pneumonia in infants, so these products should be avoided. I am pleased with your ointment and will continue to recommend it as an aid in controlling non-specific diaper dermatitis.”

B.E.O., M.D.

Rockford, IL

“I do not usually get impressed by consumer products, but your product, PALADIN, is absolutely wonderful! My son has had diaper rash for over three months and I have tried everything available, including prescription medications, to relieve his discomfort and raw, red little bottom. A drug store manager suggested that I try PALADIN. I bought it, fully thinking that I was wasting my money, but having spent $80-$90 dollars so far, why not try it? In 24 hours his rash was nearly gone; and in 48 hours, hardly a trace was left. My only disappointment was that I had not found PALADIN earlier. Other brands of rash ointments are well advertised, but they don’t work. but to treat diaper rash, PALADIN works the best!”


Rapid City, SD