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Testimonials Paladin
Springfield, IL
"My husband is bedridden and has developed a number of pressure sores on his back and legs. His doctor recommended using " Palomar "E". I have found this to be the only effective treatment and the results were amazing!"
C. B.
Milwaukee, WI
"I have suffered from skin rashes. I used several applications of Palomar "E". The rash disappeared. This was two months ago and the rash has not reappeared."
H.G. R.N.
St. Louis, MO
"The product we used to use was horrid. It didn't help patients at all. And was almost impossible to clean off. For patients who had bedsores or other skin problems, enduring the rough cleanup of the old product was a nightmare.

Thank you so very much for Palomar "E."

Ft. Collins, CO
"I've tried other "E" creams, but they just don't compare to Palomar "E."
Omaha, NE
"I've had a problem with severe skin rash due to a colostomy, until I found PALOMAR "E". Your cream has changed my life! I am now so much more comfortable because that burning rash is gone. By the way, my outlook on life and my disposition have also improved. Getting rid of an irritant, such as a nagging rash, can make a great difference in my everyday life."
Houston, TX
"My husband is a chef and works in a hot kitchen 12 hours a day. He has been battling a rash from the heat. I recently tried the PALOMAR "E" on an area of his rash and it has cleared up completely within 48 hours. So to us, this product is amazing and a necessity around the house."
Belvidere, IL
"I am an overweight person and have many of the problems that most large people experience. I develop chafing on certain parts of my body and I can always depend on PALOMAR "E" to calm and sooth my skin."
S.P., R.N.
Duluth, MN
"As a nurse, I've used PALOMAR "E" on areas of skin of bedridden patients to prevent skin breakdown and decubitis. I've tried the common old ointments and had no change on their skin. I tried PALOMAR "E". It worked. Nothing else did."
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