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Wholesale/Retail Accounts

If you own a store and would like so sell our products we do offer quantity discounts on “bulk buying”. For more info please email or call us.

Drug stores, Hospitals and Nursing Homes can order from the following wholesale companies:

  • McKesson Drug Company
  • Cardinal Distribution
  • H.D. Smith Wholesale Drug
  • Bindley Western Drug Company
  • Amerisourcebergen Drug Company
  • Whitmire Drug Company
  • The F. Dohman Wholesale Drug Company

These are a few wholesale companies that order from PAL Midwest. All wholesale companies, individual stores, and health care facilities are welcome to contact us.

Most retail drug stores have PALADIN and Palomar "E" on their shelves. Although neither are prescription items, occasionally they are stocked in the pharmacy . If you are unable to find our products, be sure to ask the pharmacist for them.

Any store can order directly from PAL Midwest or their wholesale house if your store does not yet carry these products.

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